Yesterday, at an official opening ceremony when the Mayor, Julie Mockford,cut the ribbon, we fitted:
one mayor
one builder
one architect
one trustee
two parents
and two young people in one toilet!
It was great to celebrated completion and show off the new facility to all our guests. Those who attended had all supported in some way or other – through personal donations of time or money, representing granting bodies or potential users or groups representing them.
Our lovely young people acted as very competent waiters and waitresses, and after a bit of a panic with our gas running out, over 50 balloons were inflated and tied in about 15 minutes – everybody who walked through the door was enlisted to tie them to ribbon. We finished five minutes before start time!
In the kitchen, Holly had a disaster when she collected the canapes from the shop and found that one tray had been placed upside down. After refunds and apologies, she and Sue had to quickly recreate canapes to die for!
Yet again, faced with difficulties, we saw what a wonderful team we have at JCC – we can all be relied upon to pull together and make it happen! By the time guests arrived, nobody would have guessed the panic minutes before.

It was a great time of networking when various funding groups and local charities were brought together and had time to talk about the various issues locally that they thought were important as they tucked into canapes and prosecco.
We heard about JCC’s vision for a church that reaches out to everybody in the community from Mark Berry, Chair of Trustees, and the journey we have been on to provide JCCLOO from Cris Payne. The highlight of the afternoon was hearing from Dougal Johnston (dad of Oscar, a wheelchair user) and Becky Tyler (a teen wheelchair user) about the difference JCCLOO will make to them and how they feel about it. Many found their accounts very moving.

Today, Becky, Fiona and I spoke to Emily Jeffery, presenter of Sunday Breakfast with Emily Jeffery on BBC Radio Surrey and Sussex and showed her around JCCLOO.

Listen out for the recording next Sunday morning between 6.00am and 8.00am. Listen either live or on catch-up here:

Well, Mission accomplished! I suspect this might be the last post on this blog. I will be at JCC on the afternoon of Monday 9th October from about 3.00pm for an hour to show the loo to anyone who would like to see it. Thank you for your support, and may we continue to include everyone in our community who wishes to participate. Jubilee Community Church is for everybody – not just the able bodied!